Saturday, August 2, 2008

You're My Little Golden Schmack!

The other night, as we were laying in bed watching T.V., Billy decided to go into the kitchen for a little snack. A few minutes later he came back to the bedroom with a big bag of Cheetos. He asked me if I'd like to partake of some of his cheesy delights, at which point I never would have guessed that we'd be up for another hour laughing hysterically about cereal...Somehow, our conversation went from Cheetos, to pork rinds, to puffed wheat cereal (we were comparing textures). I tried to remember the name of the puffed wheat cereal I used to eat once in awhile as a kid and described it as having a red box with a frog on it and that I was pretty sure that it was called something like "Golden Smacks". Billy loves to laugh, but rarely laughs hard enough to shed tears. That night - he laughed that hard. He insisted that there was absolutely no way that a cereal could possibly be called "Golden Schmacks" and that I had to be making it up. Every time one of us said the word "Schmack" we would laugh even harder. He made a bet with me that I would never find a cereal with the word "Schmack" in the name. The next day at work, I shared the funny story with my co-worker, Jamie. Jamie knew exactly what cereal I was talking about, except that I was mixing up the names of two different types of puffed wheat cereal..."Golden Crisp" and "Honey Smacks". Needless to say, I ran to Albertson's on my lunch break, bought a box of "Honey Smacks" (in a red box with a frog on it), and placed it strategically in my cupboard for Billy to find. I just don't understand how you can prove something to a man...and he STILL thinks your nuts!

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