Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm goin' back...back...back to school again! (for all you Grease fans)

Devon is officially a seventh grader and really excited that he has finally reached the age where he gets to shower in PE next semester (yeah right). Cadyn is in third grade this year and is glad that he doesn't have to get any shots until the summer before sixth grade. Last Thursday was Devon and Cadyn's first day of school...and boy it went smooth! At six o'clock I arose to get Devon prepared for the day's events. He was excited to wear the new clothes Grandma Maryann and Steve bought for him. He headed out early to meet his friend before catching the bus at 6:50 a.m. I went back to bed relieved to have one of my children off to his exciting first day of school. I arose again at 7:30 to get myself ready for work and Cadyn ready for his adventureous day. As I grabbed my purse and handed Cadyn his backpack, he looked at me like I was crazy and said in his sweet little voice, "Mom, that's not my backpack." I asked him if he was sure. "Duh, mom...I know what my backpack looks like!" I opened the backpack to see Devon's binder...AND class schedule...AND locker combination. Frantic, I yelled to Billy, "We have an EMERGENCY!!!" Billy grabbed Devon's backpack and drove to his school to trade him for Cadyn's. Meanwhile, I drove Cadyn to school assuring him all the while that Dad would soon be bringing his backpack to him. "But Mom, what should I tell my teacher if she asks me where my backpack is? How will Dad know where to find me?" All I could imagine was poor little Dev freakin' out when he noticed he was missing his class schedule and locker combo.

The day got better when Devon called me at work to tell me that he had made it home okay and that he was going to walk to Cadyn's school and walk home with him to make sure he knew his way home. Dev is a worrier, like his mother, and after all, it was Cadyn's first day in a brand new school. About an hour later, he called me again to let me know that Cadyn was rather upset at him for meeting him at school and that Cadyn told him that he knew how to walk home all by himself - upset enough that he wouldn't even talk to me on the phone to tell me how his day was - upset enough that Billy called me an hour after that to tell me how upset he was and that Cadyn thought that a piece of beef jerky from 7-11 is what he needed to not be upset anymore. I love being a mom!

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