Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Voo-Doo Blessing

So, up until a week ago, I've been trying to keep track of all the negative happenings in my life that I can link to my crow curse.
Here are a few:
1) I accidentally stabbed myself with an exacto knife at work.
2) One of Cadyn's buddies did a face plant on my driveway while trying to bust a move on his scooter.
3) I had to take my new car to the shop to see why a light on the dash was randomly coming on (Billy had over-filled one of the tires).
4) Billy has been working in Nephi (about 3.5 hours away) for the last 3 weeks (it's either that, or unemployment).
Four minor happenings is not bad! I owe it all to one of my great friends and co-workers, Rachael Wentz, who found the opportunity to reverse my crow curse with a voo-doo blessing. Two weekends ago, Rachael went with a group of her friends to Vegas for the weekend. In one of the hotels she happened upon a shop where voo-doo blessings were being performed. Out of curiosity, she went inside to discover that these voo-doo blessings could be performed on people who have been cursed by animals! Instantly she thought of me (bless her little heart). She asked the store keeper if she could purchase something in the store to have blessed since she didn't have anything personal of mine with her (I don't understand why she wouldn't have a lock of my hair with her in Vegas???). She happened upon a couple of crow figures...they even have feathers! The voo-doo-ist placed a blessing upon the crow figures and told her that she needed to relay a message to me. The message was that I needed to place the crow figures in a peaceful place and that I need to release all of the negative feelings that I have toward them so that I can come to peace with them...I need to "be at one with the crows". If I fail to do so, I can turn the blessing into a curse - and I figure I can't take any chances! So I have excepted a friendship with the crows and the figures are now placed on my bedroom dresser. Thanks Rachael!

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jhjonze said...

Oh how I miss everyone and sweet Rachael! I'm so glad she reversed your curse for you! But man, those crows are 'f'ing creepy!