Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Where do we begin?

I've enjoyed reading Aubrey and Stan's family blog so very much that I've decided to start one of my own. Life at the Nielson/Wilcken house tends to be chaotic yet exciting, messy yet fun, loud yet comfortable. It is crazy to think that Billy and I have been married almost eight years now and that Devon will be twelve in less than a month. Where does time go? Just yesterday I was bringing Cadyn to the barber to have his cute little 2-year-old mullet cut off, and now I'm replacing fenders on dirtbikes and brakes on four-wheelers. No wonder I'm gray!

Recently, our black lab, Rosco, was invited to join our family indoors. Rosco has spent all four years of his life running with his playmate and best friend, Roxy, in our back yard. Our Roxy girl had to be put to sleep and Billy couldn't bear leaving Rosco outside and alone. So now it is the four boys and me...and I wouldn't replace a thing...except maybe the carpet (grease and mud don't come out so well!)

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